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LED Open Sign

  • Lighted LED Open Sign

    Lighted LED Open Sign

    With high visibility, even in daylight, and a running animation feature, this WELCOME-OPEN sign can be a very effective advertising tool.

  • LED Open Closed Sign

    LED Open Closed Sign

    Compared to non-illuminated signs,this LED open/closed sign is easier to catch people’s eyes and indicates whether you are OPEN or CLOSED. Specificatons: Descriptions: LED lighting source makes it much safer and more energy efficient than neons. 1. Size is 23”x14”(58x36cm)...

  • Flashing LED Open Sign

    Flashing LED Open Sign

    Specificatons: Descriptions: 1.Classic Oval flashing led OPEN sign with ultral bright leds,visable from 600 feet away. 2.Attracts attention even through tinted windows, 50,000+ hours estimated lifetime. 3.Energy efficient, and with pull chain,you can change the functions...

  • Electronic Open Sign

    Electronic Open Sign

    Specificatons: Descriptions: 1. LED sign products are quickly becoming a must have item for business sotre owners.This electronic OPEN LED sign can be left on for 24 hours a day, 7 days aweek and be operated for a long period of time, 2. High visibility, even in daylight to...

  • LED Open Window Sign

    LED Open Window Sign

    Specificatons: Descriptions: This " Wave Open" LED sign is very bright, and energy-efficient. The sign has a tooling frame with OVAL shape.Very popular for use in home and some business environments. With their proven energy savings, LED signs are less expensive but...

  • LED Coffee Sign

    LED Coffee Sign

    Specificatons: Descriptions: This COFFEE sign with bright leds,is a very simple way to grab your customers attention and bring them to your shop .Super bright and eye catching ,they are even be visible in bright sunlight . long lifespan of 50,000 hours Very low power usage of...

  • LED Pizza Sign

    LED Pizza Sign

    This PIZZA sign is not one of those smaller LED SIGNS for less money. Compared with the traditional neon lamp, it has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, safety, high brightness, low heat generation

  • LED Atm Sign

    LED Atm Sign

    This LED ATM sign is a kind of practical luminous signboard developed by our company with new ultra-bright LED (light-emitting diode) lamp beads, solid-state circuit board, switch-mode power supply and high-grade ABS materials, combined with CPU central programming controller.

  • Customized LED Sign

    Customized LED Sign

    This GROOMING led sign is a customized design. the frame is a tooling oval shape,engineered with a solid-state circuit board and switch-mode power supply for maximum LED life. the plastic ABS hanging ears make it easier to hang in your window or on your wall

  • Shop Open Sign

    Shop Open Sign

    Specificatons: Descriptions: LED Open Sign For Shop Window with High Quality. Excellent for displaying in your shop, bar, pub, club, restaurant, room and anywhere you like. This OPEN sign is engineered with a solid-state circuit board and switch-mode power supply for maximum...

  • Digital Open Sign with Hours

    Digital Open Sign with Hours

    Descriptions: digital OPEN sign with hours is a good way to let customers know when you are OPEN. You can also set the business hours time easily. The hours are always working and by the business hours, people can know cleary when you are open, when is closed. This sign...

  • Programmable LED Open Signs

    Programmable LED Open Signs

    Specificatons: Descriptions: The sign can be turned off or display the word “OPEN” in the following modes by pressing the key “M” each time on the remote or the buttons on the back of the sign: • Both the word “OPEN” and the border are ON. • Both are FLASHING. • “OPEN” is...

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