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Programmable Scrolling Sign

  • Programmable Advertising Signs

    Programmable Advertising Signs

    Descriptions: LED ABIERTO signs with programmable message is very bright and easy to operate. the text” ABIERTO” can be set to stay static or flashing. Our LED signs are made of supler bright LEDs with PCB to ensure of the good quality. And the AC adapter is safe to touch. We...

  • LED Scrolling Display Sign

    LED Scrolling Display Sign

    Descriptions: Our Programmable Scrolling LED Signs is very easy to program. The signs feature is 16 by 96 pixel, using High Bright led modules. you just need a remote to operate our programmable sign. And the remote not only can controls the text”OPEN”, such as...

  • Scrolling LED Sign

    Scrolling LED Sign

    Descriptions: This is another item of our led scrolling message sign. It has two parts, the upper part is text”OPEN” with leds,and the bottom part is scrolling display. You can easy to control the whole part by a simple remote,just like edit on your mobile. the OPEN can be...

  • LED Moving Sign

    LED Moving Sign

    Descriptions: This led programmable sign is one of the best way to attract attentions to your business. It’s just right for haning behind the window at the entrance. To edit any messages you want and change the color among red,yellow and green! You can store 99 messages and...

  • LED Scrolling Signs for Your Business

    LED Scrolling Signs for Your Business

    Descriptions: This is a new sign combines with led sign OUVERT and scrolling display! OUVERT is made of an injection mold with acrylic letters. It looks like neon sign,but with LEDS sourcing,which consume lower energy. for the scolling part, you can edit any advertings...

  • Programmable LED Display Sign

    Programmable LED Display Sign

    Descriptions: programmable led display sign, the whole constructure is made of injection mold,the letter is made of durable acrylic, not like cheaper quality LED OPEN Signs that are made with cardboard backing. The bottom is a programmable display, which can display 99...

  • LED Scrolling Message Sign

    LED Scrolling Message Sign

    Descriptions: The sign can be turned off or display the word “OPEN” in the following modes by pressing the key “M” each time on the remote or the buttons on the back of the sign: • Both the word “OPEN” and the border are ON. • Both are FLASHING. • “OPEN” is wiped to the right...

  • LED Programmable Sign Display Board

    LED Programmable Sign Display Board

    Descriptions: This led scrolling message sign combines with OPEN led sign. You can see that the upper portion is a text”OPEN” with leds,and the bottom portion is a scrolling display. Our product is very easy to control. It’s not necessary to download any software or app, just...

  • Programmable Scrolling LED Sign

    Programmable Scrolling LED Sign

    Descriptions: If you are a PIZZA store, this programmable PIZZA sign must be a best way to attract attention to your business. The upper PIZZA sign has different colors,you can also tell us you favorable colors before we start production. the scrolling display can show any...

  • Programmable LED Window Scrolling Sign

    Programmable LED Window Scrolling Sign

    Descriptions: LED COFFEE SIGN with programmable display, is a high impact, eye catching, real Animated LED sign. it’s a good way to help attract attentions to your business. Size 22" x 13" rectangle ,and is less power than neon sign but much brighter. It also...

  • Scrolling Advertising Sign

    Scrolling Advertising Sign

    Descriptions: A french sign with OUVERT is a good way to to get more clients’ attentions to your business! The OUVERT can be functional as stay static and flashing. and the following part is a scrolling message sign,which is helpful for you to promote your business by display...

  • Programmable LED Light Scrolling Sign

    Programmable LED Light Scrolling Sign

    Descriptions: This programmable OPEN sign can be easily attract people’s attentions to your business. Size: 22x13inch(55.8x32.8cm) Super lightweight and slim, easy to hang up Materials: molding plastic ABS frame; PCB; super bright LEDs, can be seen clearly under sunlight Long...

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