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Writing on the Board

Yancheng Tianyuan Lamp Mfg CO.,Ltd(YCTY) is established in 2006. As a professional manufacturer, specialize in designing and producing top quality led products ,such as led signs,led writing board,light box ,led neon signs,open signs, China.

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Writing on the Board

1. Handwriting: It can be creative. At present, in order to better reflect its own style, many entertainment industries use handwriting this new way of propaganda, handwriting forms are diversified, and chic in casualness, deliberately create different atmospheres.

2. Can be wiped: For most of the current advertising signs are one-off, this product has the function of repeated use, suitable for all kinds of notices and signs that need to be changed frequently.

3. Fluorescence effect: At present, many fluorescent boxes are all light boxes, but to make the content color beautiful, more need to support all kinds of lighting support, the cost is expensive, and the traditional whiteboard or blackboard advertisements are even lighter at night. . And this product through the plate body light, the use of fluorescent pen to make the font shine brilliantly, especially easy to attract consumers, so as to achieve the purpose of promotion.


1. Visual effects: colorful, beautiful, visual impact.

2. Randomness: Designed with the heart, with the erase and write, arbitrarily placed.

3. Weather resistance: It can be kept for a long time without fading, and the use temperature is -30--70 degrees.

4. Rationality: rational design, size and size into golden ratio.

5. Energy saving: new light source, energy saving and environmental protection, without any radiation.

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Any sizes are available

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